Ultimate Instagram Reels Guide in 2023: 7 Tips to make your Instagram Reels go viral and get more views, comments, and likes than the competition.

Going viral on Instagram has become a common practice, but few people know how to do it. In this article, I will show you the best practices for making your Instagram video go viral and get more views, comments and likes than the competition.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature on the Instagram app that allows users to create and share short, entertaining video clips set to music or other audio. Reels are typically 15-seconds long and can be created using the Instagram camera by selecting the Reels option at the bottom of the screen.

Reels are meant to be fun and creative, and users can use various tools such as filters, effects, and text to enhance their content. Reels can be shared on a user’s profile or discovered in the Reels tab on the Instagram Explore page.

Reels are used for a variety of purposes, such as showcasing a talent, promoting a product or service, or simply entertaining and engaging with followers. They are a popular way for users to share their creativity and personality with their followers and the wider Instagram community. The Instagram reels algorithm is an easy hack to get more impressions for your business on Instagram exponentially.


1. The Hook 


The hook refers to the part of any Instagram video that will spark the overall interest of Instagram viewers and where you have said or done something that looks exciting. Almost every user of the Internet scrolls through hundreds of videos every day. 

You can start your videos with something to get more people to stop scrolling and watch your Instagram reel. Instagram users have to know within the first half a second that a video is exciting, shocking, or interesting enough for them to spend over a minute watching the whole thing. 

The social networking platform Instagram measures the time everyone spends looking at your valuable content and every interaction. You must ensure that Instagram users want to stick around for your account’s video content through reels and stories. 

You can structure your videos, so they start with the hook and then play your video. You can pull these things in and then present the remaining content. You can hook in with “This is how I accomplished X!” and continue to show the steps. 


2. Push short videos to your feed 


It would be best if you chose the button “Also share to feed” when sharing your reel to push the short videos to your followers who scroll through Instagram on the regular feeds and explore feeds. 

This approach gives you the maximum chance of getting seen on the Explore page. This is because views by your existing followers increase the possibility of views, comments, likes, and shares from users who are not following you. These metrics are crucial to the algorithm in deciding the frequency with which your reels are placed on the Explore. 

Instagram is prioritizing the overall Reels in our time and providing absolute assistance to the users using the feature over people using the feed for posting their content. You can follow this method and reach the maximum number of people who are not following you. 

Do not forget that every three posts are an advertisement and every other post is a reel while scrolling through Instagram. Some people only share regular posts instead of reels. This is the main reason you are more likely to get excellent visibility among your followers by posting Instagram Reels to your feed. This visibility will increase your visibility outside of your Instagram followers. 

You can use this win-win method and move your content onto the Explore page and trend for the top post on various hashtags.  


3. Add text in the middle and starting  


Instagram reels are displayed on mute in users’ feeds while they scroll. 

You can include headlines and subtitles to encourage people to turn on their speakers. 

When it comes to Reels, you must put text in the center section, and this section sums up the significance of the reel. 

The Instagram viewer might receive information regarding the subject matter of the Instagram video. 

This allows your audience to view your content on the go without having to turn on the sound. One significant benefit is that it lets people who need help with accessibility use your content.

Telling any tale with text, photographs, or videos with Instagram overlays on reels is a stress-free technique. The overall value of each scene in a text can be added up. This makes it easier for Instagram viewers to take in the information, and it is possible that they will all watch the video through to the conclusion and again. 

Users of Instagram provide the brain with a ton of value in the form of text, photographs, and videos. Including the subtitles and overlay text can increase the likelihood that they will finish the film and devote the maximum amount of time possible to the strategy-favored content.


4. Encourage people to engage more with a clear “Call-To-Action”


One of the most important things you can do with your Instagram reels is to encourage people to engage more. A clear call-to-action (CTA) prompts users to take action and interact with the content, which gives you an opportunity to increase views, comments, and likes on your video.

You must encourage everyone to engage with your content. You should remember that the objectives of every post are your shares, website clicks, profile visits, follows, direct messages, saves, likes, and comments. 

It determines how you grow your Instagram following and attract more followers. You could talk about a health problem many people in your target audience have and show how one specific customer’s problem went away when they started using your product. 

Then, at the end of your video, you can add a text layer and request a double tap. You can start being inventive and writing insightful comments on Instagram posts.


5. Keep sizing in mind 


The format of Instagram reels differs from the typical Instagram image feed post. People who view your Instagram reels in the feed can see only the 4:5 size of the 9:16 format of the full-screen reels, and they will not be able to see it on their feed when you have spread the text overlay outside of the 4:5 zone. Instagram Reels ratio is reduced to 4:5 on the Instagram Feed and 1:1 on your profile grid. When Instagram Reels are clicked, they expand to a 9:16 full-screen mode. When you record and design your Instagram Reels ideas, keep the main parts of the Instagram videos, images, and text overlays within the 4:5 sized area in the middle. 

If you need help making sure your Instagram Reels are designed in the Safe Area, you can download our Free Instagram Reels Dimensions Guide here.


6. Upload an Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail


Attention-grabbing thumbnails for your Instagram Reels are the best way to get people to click on your Instagram Reels. You can add a pleasant cover with an attention-grabbing picture and title, and this approach entices everyone to tap the post to view it. You can make covers using Canva.com to play around with themes for your brand. Ensure your thumbnail shows your message correctly when placed into a 1:1 cropped frame for your profile grid.


7. Use hashtags

 All your Instagram content is starting to drown in hashtags as they become overused in feed content. It is too difficult to get traffic via Instagram hashtags, and few content creators use this function and do not post on the feed. There is less competition among the hashtags, so the results are outstanding.  


Keep in mind that video content is king when it comes to getting more views, comments, and likes on Instagram. But there are also other tricks you can use in order to go viral on Instagram. For example:

These tips are not only helpful for brands and businesses trying to grow their followers but also for individuals who want to increase their engagement rates and boost their reach through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


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